About Us



Facture365.com is a product of Chezola Systems Benin an information system company originated from Quebec Canada devoted to the development of IT solutions that solves real society problems in West Africa. Facture365 is the first online bill payment platform to serve eight French-speaking West African countries.


Facure356 was created with a vision of simplifying bill payment process in West Africa. With a vision of creating a one-stop destination through which you could make all your payments, at one time, at any time and from any location.


Research revealed that one of the biggest problems faced by the common man in West Africa is the hassle of dealing with public and private enterprises for bill payment services. In the last decade, the consumer base of several industries has grown exponentially, though the support services have not been able to keep pace.


Facture365 is another initiative in adding value to the life of the common man.


Facture365 is an extremely simple, convenient and secure way to pay bills online. Facture365.com allows you to pay your electricity, telephone, cellular, insurance, and other bills, make contributions to various charities and other institutions and even remit your subscription monies to various magazines and clubs. You can do all this from the comfort of your house or office via mobile or personal computer.